Our New Soap Studio is Complete! June 18, 2016 20:02 12 Comments

Sope Naturals Soap Studio

I am thrilled beyond words with my new soap studio! Now that the construction is complete and the finishing touches are done, I am back to soaping my heart out! There is something so wonderful about having a dedicated, functional, organized work space. I am happily catching up on making out of stock soaps as well as creating new and exciting recipes.  

Soap Naturals is Moving to a New Soap Studio! April 14, 2016 19:54 6 Comments

Hard work does pay off! I am so excited to announce that Sope Naturals is getting a new and improved soap studio!  We are staying local in Lake Worth Florida so it's not a far move but it is a big one! The studio will be built out, which will take some time, and there are hundreds of pounds of oils and natural ingredients to move, not to mention all of our existing soap! Please be patient for the next few weeks while we make this transition. Order are still being accepted, they just may take a day or two or three longer to make it to the post office.

What does this mean for you? The new studio will be larger and more efficient! Best Selling Soaps won't be out of stock as often since there will be much more curing space! There will be some serious soaping going on! All of our soaps will remain the same high quality, small batch, handmade from scratch, natural recipes.  There may even be some classes/workshops in the future! 

I am so excited to move and build and make tons and tons of natural soap for all of you! Now who's helping! 

The Palm Beach School for Autism Fundraiser August 13, 2015 06:04 2 Comments

Sope Naturals is proud to support the Palm Beach School for Autism.


Palm Beach School for Autism is a 501 (c)(3). We are a tuition free public charter school serving children from Preschool through 12th grade on the autism spectrum. We address the learning needs of the students that we serve through individual education plans, highly trained teachers and therapists and a focus on independence. In addition to an academic education, children are schooled in the arts, technology, wood shop, French, athletics, vocational programming, social skills and daily living skills. Generous donations from the community, our families, foundations and people like you are what has helped us to continue to provide a comprehensive program.


Supports can donate simply by ordering hand made, all natural soap from Sope Naturals and use the coupon code PBSFA at checkout for 10% off of your order. We will donate an additional %10 of all orders using this code directly to the school. 

Sope Naturals hand makes natural, non toxic, chemical free soaps for your health and enjoyment. 


Are you looking for a fundraiser for your school, team or organization? We offer simple programs to fit your needs. All orders are tracked and shipped directly to the supporter so you don't have to deliver goods door to door. Contact Misse @ for more information or comment here. 

Come see us in person! Markets and Festivals August 12, 2015 06:43 2 Comments

Visit us most Sundays at Harbourside Green Market in Jupiter Florida. and follow our Facebook page for more events

Grand Opening Day News July 3, 2015 15:54

After a lot of hard work, I am so excited that our new website is live! I have had so much support and encouragement from family, friends, and customers! Thank you all for helping me make this happen!!!!!!! 

I am taking a minute to relax and let you know some of the things we plan on doing around here. 

Our main goal, of course, is to share our all natural soaps and help educate consumers about all natural bath, household and beauty products. 

I will be sharing Do It Yourself tips and recipes with tutorials for products like all natural toothpaste, deodorant, cleaning supplies, makeup, etc. So stay tuned for those. Please comment below on what you would like to see.  

We are working with local small businesses. We offer custom partnered and private label soaps. The possibilities are endless. We strive to support small local businesses such as ourselves. Contact us with any inquiries at

Open Market Days and Scheduled events where you can shop in person will be announced here on the blog and on Facebook and Instagram. Please follow us there as well. 

Thank you so much for visiting! 

Time to make soap! 

Love & Lather, 









Welcome to Sope Naturals Blog June 23, 2015 19:35

Welcome to my first blog. I am Misse, the creator of Sope Naturals. It has been a long time coming. My family and I are very very proud of our little soap company...