Welcome to Sope Naturals Blog June 23, 2015 19:35

Welcome to my first blog. I am Misse, the founder of Sope Naturals. I am proud mom of 3 creative kids, lover of life and all things natural, artist, entrepreneur, optimist, and a creator of beautiful handcrafted all natural soaps!

This all started many years ago when in addition to the natural health and beauty products that I made for my family, I started making my own natural laundry soap and household cleaners. My reason for making all of these things was to keep toxic chemicals out of our home as much as possible. Around that time, Joey noticed friends and family asking me for recipes and advice on how to do the same and he strongly encouraged me to start a small business. I felt that I needed to do some more research before putting a product on the market. So using my family as test subjects (thanks guys) I did my research, developed recipes, learned new techniques, did more research, tested more recipes, etc... So through a labor of love, I was finally ready to offer my all natural soaps to the market and Sope Naturals was born! 

This blog is intended to be a place to share my journey to a more natural lifestyle. I am not a scientist or a nutritionist or a dermatologist, I am a mom and natural enthusiast who is happy to share my years of research and solutions with you. 

I will be adding tutorials and recipes for simple things that you can make at home, like natural toothpaste, natural deodorant and amazing face and body scrubs. 

I truly enjoy helping others learn how to make natural products on their own, my soaps and laundry soap are for sale here on the website, as far as other products go, you can request a tutorial, ask questions, even offer up special request for soaps you would like to have made. Comment here or e mail me at sopenaturals@gmail.com anytime. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you to my biggest supporters, My mom, Beverly Hope who has always encouraged my creative endeavors and who the company is named for (Sope=Hope)  My kids, Jonah, Noah, and Mia, who help me with production, product testing, marketing, and keeping me from being such a dork online! Joey, who encouraged me to do this years ago and is so excited by it now that he has learned to make soap and is expanding my market to appeal to men. And of course all of my first customers who have given me such great feedback on my soaps and shared my company with their friends, (you know who you are:-) I do this for all of you! 

Love & Lather, 


Me and my crazy kids! 

Joey making the coconut blonde beer soap