Soap Naturals is Moving to a New Soap Studio! April 14, 2016 19:54 6 Comments

Hard work does pay off! I am so excited to announce that Sope Naturals is getting a new and improved soap studio!  We are staying local in Lake Worth Florida so it's not a far move but it is a big one! The studio will be built out, which will take some time, and there are hundreds of pounds of oils and natural ingredients to move, not to mention all of our existing soap! Please be patient for the next few weeks while we make this transition. Order are still being accepted, they just may take a day or two or three longer to make it to the post office.

What does this mean for you? The new studio will be larger and more efficient! Best Selling Soaps won't be out of stock as often since there will be much more curing space! There will be some serious soaping going on! All of our soaps will remain the same high quality, small batch, handmade from scratch, natural recipes.  There may even be some classes/workshops in the future! 

I am so excited to move and build and make tons and tons of natural soap for all of you! Now who's helping! 

Bark Back Benefit Saturday September 26th, 6pm-1:30am at Bamboo Room in Lake Worth FL August 16, 2015 19:50 3 Comments

We are participating in the Bark Back Benefit for Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Share-A-Pet Therapy Dogs.
Saturday September 26th, 6PM - 1:30 AM
at Bamboo Room in Lake Worth, FL. Start donating now by using 10% off coupon code BARKBACK at 10% of each purchase using this code will be donated to the benefit!