Sope Naturals

All of our soaps are handcrafted with the finest ingredients that nature offers.  Each of our bars are made in small batches with, plant based oils, botanicals, clays and minerals from the earth, fragrant essential oils, tropical butters, milks, herbs and spices. In an effort to support small farms and businesses in our area, we use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.  Each soap recipe is carefully designed for it's natural skincare benefits. Our soaps have scent and colors from 100% natural additives.  We create these with love for our customers, our environment, and of course our family, friends and ourselves! 
A few tips about using natural handmade soap
Each small batch of artisan soap is handmade using traditional methods.
Each batch is hand poured and made with natural colorants, so each bar is characteristically unique.
Natural colorants will fade with time, this won't change the quality of the soap.
Our soaps are cured for 6 weeks for a harder longer lasting bar, soaps get better with age so buy them all!
Handmade soaps will last longer if they are allowed to dry in between uses, we recommend keeping your soap on a well-drained soap dish.